martes, 22 de marzo de 2011

God's Debris


-What about the afterlife? Are all the benefits here and now or is there something later? -I asked-.

-Over time, everything that is possible happens. That is a fundamental quality of probability. If you flip a coin often enough, eventually it will come up heads a thousand times in a row. And everything possible will happen over and over as long as God’s debris exists. The clump of debris that comprises your body and mind will break down and disintegrate someday, but a version of you will reappear in the future, by chance.

-Are you saying I’ll reincarnate?

-Not exactly. I’m saying a replica of your mind and body will exist in the distant future, by chance. And the things you do now can either make life more pleasant or more difficult for your replica.

-Why would I care about a replica of me? That’s a different guy.

-That distinction is an illusion. In your current life, every cell in your body has died and been replaced many times. There is nothing in your current body that you were born with. You have no original equipment, just replacement parts, so for all practical purposes, you are already a replica of a prior version of you.

-Yes, but my memories stay with me. The replica of me in the distant future will have none of the memories and feelings that comprise my life, -I said-.

-There will be many replicas of you in the future, not just one. Some will have lives similar to yours, with similar memories and feelings. The replicas will be different from you only in concept, not in practical terms.


domingo, 20 de marzo de 2011

Las verdades en Helvética son más verdades

Para alguien que yo me sé... Ya sé que la mayoría no están en Helvética, pero es el rollo: foto guay. Una frase en Helvética encima.