domingo, 5 de junio de 2011

Moon in Water

The phenomena moon in the water is likened to human experience.
The water is the subject and the moon the object.
When there is no water, there is no moon in the water,
and likewise there is no moon.

But when the moon rises, the water does not wait to receive its image.
And when even the tiniest drop of water is poured out
The moon does not wait to cast its reflexion.

Past is already past.
The future is not yet here.
Things are constantly changing.

The event is caused as much by the water as by the moon.
And as water manifests the brightness of the moon,
the moon manifests the clarity of the water.

Underworld - Moon in Water

4 comentarios:

malofo dijo...

Good stuff

Gelita dijo...

Seguro que la canción no te mola nada si la hubieras escuchado primero xD

malofo dijo...

Me gusta la letra. No siempre tiene que combinar a mi gusto con la melodía. Nadie es perfecto :)

Gelita dijo...

Pobody's perfect