miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2008

What am I supposed to do,
To keep from going under?
Now you're making holes in my heart and yes it's starting to show.
I've been holding back,
Is it any wonder?
Since you walked right into my life and interrupted the flow.

I wanna know,
Baby when you're with me,
Who do you think you're foolin'?
Making me feel so sure,
Turnin' your lovelight down again.
Why don't you let me be?
You don't know what you're doin',
Making me feel so sure,
And turnin' your lovelight down again.

Did it again, did it again.
Baby I've got to know,
Are we gonna make it?
Lay it down right beside me tonight and do whatever you feel.
Baby your in control,
Where you gonna take it?
Don't you think that I'll do you right you know darn well that I will.

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