viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2009

What I'm doing

Conscience. That's the big deal. My conscience doesn't allow me to act without thinking twice before.

Thinking before means considering all the posible facts around a situation. Represents imagining it before it happens... Definitely, it's not living. Because you get stuck on it and it doesn't allow you to choose one of them, as you'd do with a normal conscience. So when they tell you: "think it twice!" don't pay attention. Just follow your own advice, which makes you a person, not a robot. A robot, that's what I am. Handling all the posibilities and taking no decisions.

Most people would tell me that i'm lucky for thinking all twice, but i'm not. I'm deeply condemned with a voice always speaking to me about fears, fails and beyond. Kind of never-breaking false alarm. I just can stop it by putting my mind to another situation which allows me to switch it off. But I'm alone most of the time.

Some might say that I've a guilty conscience. But it's not the point because I've never done something on purpose in order to hurt anyone. Why should I feel guilty...?

I'm just being myself. This is the way I am and I shouldn't feel disappointed. Some might say that i'm not like i'm supposed to be. But THIS is me in fact. I just have to get used to it and get over it. And that's what i'm doing.

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神風 dijo...

It depends... If you have to do a work in the University, it´s better to think twice. In the heart bussiness, not. I´m sorry for my poor english. Since four years before I haven´t writing nothing in this languaje.

But, like the japaneese said: Banzzai!! XDD